Scowls gracing the face of the moon,

The shadows howl at every step.

The heavens leering in distaste,

Empty echoes abandoning her in the dark.


Her body, a seemingly empty vessel,

Drowns in tears of terror,

The rain dripping on all of her scars,

Taunting the fires set ablaze within.


Nail Marks on her palms,

From acrimony clenching her wrists.

Distant Cries,

Lodged in her throat like unheard screaming.


A bellowing tread of entities she’d been escaping all this while,

Drenched in a sub fusc sea,

Menacing, maniacal grins plastered on their faces,

As they sniff her presence out like dogs.


Her eyes searching for a corner to obscure herself,

Yet the walls start closing in,

The entities quivering with delight,

Pouncing on the oblation the world offered to them.


An entity exclaims in pleasure,

“Societal Expectations, she was quite an easy prey.”

“Why yes, Fear of Disappointment.”

A chaste reply from the other.


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The State of Awkwardness.

Trembling words interspersed with stutters,

Only my mind exhibits clarity,

Awkward silences murder conversations,

Relatability sent to its grave.


A jocund sentence once said,

Is left unaccompanied by laughter,

Nervousness fills the atmosphere,

Drowning my socially inept soul.

Cringing at oneself being a popular hobby,

As embarrassment never leaves my side,

These moments running marathons,

On the race track I call my mind.


As much as I try to leave them be,

They keep eating away at me for all eternity,

“Socially Challenge” a huge understatement,

Shyness swallowing up most of my words.

Alas! I hope and dream,

To get rid of this mental entity,

The State of Social Awkwardness,

More like the state of my constant being.



My steps light, yet laced with decisiveness,
Walk through the frostbitten woods,
The blindfold on my eyes,
Softly nudging my skin with trust.

Nimble hands grasping yours,
Fingers as if gently whispering,
“Don’t ever let go.”
Your soothing words lull my fears to sleep.

My steps accompany the pace of my heartbeat,
Both become erratic,
Confusion running through my veins, seemingly numbing my skin.

The blindfold slips away,
My orbs wandering towards yours,
Until a force throws me into the chasm, which is chanting lies beneath.
Malice thrashes my heart, the pieces shatter, nowhere to be found.

I grasp on to a piece of me,
Words enveloping my tongue,
Reverberating through the chasm,
Left unanswered.

Every part of me dissipating into thin air,
You never failed to shatter me.







Animosity stringently, yet cruelly plucking on these heartstrings,

Every breath suffocating my lungs,

Drowning me in waves I could never control.

Serenity long gone, these waters brewing turbulent wars.


“Unwanted”, “Undesired”, “Useless”,

A cacophonous melody on repeat.

Every note in this world maliciously perfect,

Yet all I am is noise.


Raindrops falling from the sympathetic sky still scathing me like blades,

These bruises,

Surge with pain still incomparable,

To my aching brain flowing with explanations.


Resonating with rage is the crowd before me,

My mere insignificance shines in their clouded orbs,

All that leaves my lips are apologies,

For being the nuisance I am.


I’m being put on trial,

For offences, I couldn’t even dream of,

The only possible justification for the judgemental leers keeping me captive.








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