Animosity stringently, yet cruelly plucking on these heartstrings,

Every breath suffocating my lungs,

Drowning me in waves I could never control.

Serenity long gone, these waters brewing turbulent wars.


“Unwanted”, “Undesired”, “Useless”,

A cacophonous melody on repeat.

Every note in this world maliciously perfect,

Yet all I am is noise.


Raindrops falling from the sympathetic sky still scathing me like blades,

These bruises,

Surge with pain still incomparable,

To my aching brain flowing with explanations.


Resonating with rage is the crowd before me,

My mere insignificance shines in their clouded orbs,

All that leaves my lips are apologies,

For being the nuisance I am.


I’m being put on trial,

For offences, I couldn’t even dream of,

The only possible justification for the judgemental leers keeping me captive.









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