My steps light, yet laced with decisiveness,
Walk through the frostbitten woods,
The blindfold on my eyes,
Softly nudging my skin with trust.

Nimble hands grasping yours,
Fingers as if gently whispering,
“Don’t ever let go.”
Your soothing words lull my fears to sleep.

My steps accompany the pace of my heartbeat,
Both become erratic,
Confusion running through my veins, seemingly numbing my skin.

The blindfold slips away,
My orbs wandering towards yours,
Until a force throws me into the chasm, which is chanting lies beneath.
Malice thrashes my heart, the pieces shatter, nowhere to be found.

I grasp on to a piece of me,
Words enveloping my tongue,
Reverberating through the chasm,
Left unanswered.

Every part of me dissipating into thin air,
You never failed to shatter me.






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