The State of Awkwardness.

Trembling words interspersed with stutters,

Only my mind exhibits clarity,

Awkward silences murder conversations,

Relatability sent to its grave.


A jocund sentence once said,

Is left unaccompanied by laughter,

Nervousness fills the atmosphere,

Drowning my socially inept soul.

Cringing at oneself being a popular hobby,

As embarrassment never leaves my side,

These moments running marathons,

On the race track I call my mind.


As much as I try to leave them be,

They keep eating away at me for all eternity,

“Socially Challenge” a huge understatement,

Shyness swallowing up most of my words.

Alas! I hope and dream,

To get rid of this mental entity,

The State of Social Awkwardness,

More like the state of my constant being.


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